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For the average consumer in the Vancouver, WA area, being properly covered by insurance is very important. For most people, this means making sure that they have the right policies in place, such as home, auto, life, and other personal insurance policies. When you are looking for insurance in Washington, you may also want to consider getting umbrella insurance.

What is umbrella insurance?

People in the Vancouver, WA area will normally have some personal liability insurance through their home and auto insurance policies. However, those insurance policies' liability components are normally limited based on the types of accidents that occur and the amount of coverage. For some people, having additional liability insurance would be a good idea. Umbrella insurance is additional personal liability insurance that will provide insurance coverage on top of your base home and auto policies.

When is having umbrella insurance a good idea?

There are many situations in which having umbrella insurance is a good idea. Those that are at a higher risk of being sued for personal liability should consider getting this insurance. This should also include individuals that are at risk of personal liability situations that would not be covered by base policies, such as those that are at risk for slander or libel. Additionally, many people would prefer additional liability coverage in case they are involved in an accident where damages exceed limits set forth by their base policies.

The process of figuring out if umbrella insurance is a necessity for your situation and choosing the right policy can be confusing. Due to this, it is important that you speak with a professional to discuss all your insurance needs. The team at Columbia River Insurance can help you to review your personal situation to figure out if umbrella insurance is right for you. When you contact Columbia River Insurance, the team will provide a full analysis and risk assessment, which could help any Washington resident to choose an umbrella insurance policy that is right for their situation.

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