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One of the advantages of renting your living space is that you don’t have the responsibility of maintaining the property. Even the cost of insuring the structure falls to the landlord. However, all your possessions do not fall under the insurance coverage for the structure itself. Columbia River Insurance in Vancouver, WA can help you protect your personal belongings with renter’s insurance coverage.

Insuring Your Personal Belongings

You may have a variety of important items in your rented apartment or home, such as clothing, electronics, furniture and various appliances that could be damaged or destroyed by a natural disaster or other mishaps. Although you may not feel these items are of great value, it would be a considerable expense to replace them. Renter insurance provides coverage to repair or replace these items that are critical for everyday living.

Losses Renter’s Insurance May Cover

Renters insurance coverage can vary, as needed, to cover incidents such as theft, fire, flooding or other damage. You can also add additional coverage for special items, such as jewelry, fur clothing or artwork that has increased value and would be very expensive to replace. Renters insurance can also cover liability for accidents in your rental space, as well as cover hotel costs if you need to live elsewhere while damage is being repaired.

Renter’s Insurance Protects Against Financial Loss

Although renter’s insurance is not a requirement in the state of Washington, some landlords may require renter’s insurance as part of their lease agreement. Regardless of whether it is required or not, having renter’s insurance is a smart strategy to prevent financial setbacks that can add up to thousands of dollars of goods that must be replaced.

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