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The Evergreen State provides the perfect scenery for a leisurely tour in a recreational vehicle. From the remote forests of Washington to beautiful state and national parks, there is plenty to see both locally, nationwide and across the border in Canada. A camper is a second home and a major investment for most families, whether it’s a fifth wheel, pop-up or motor home, so you want to make sure your insurance is adequate to cover your camper in the event of a wreck. This is doubly important when you are still paying for the camper. Vancouver WA residents can count on Columbia River Insurance to meet all their RV insurance needs.

Camper insurance basics

A separate insurance policy may not be required if your RV is towed behind a family vehicle, but it can still be a good idea. Your auto insurance may provide liability coverage for a tow-behind camper, but RV insurance provides additional protection for the camper itself. RV insurance also allows you to add on additional features that take into account the use of a camper. For example, it can cover personal belongings, accessories, and equipment your auto insurance does not.

RV insurance

If you drive a full-fledged motor home, you need an RV policy. For those still paying notes, your lender typically requires it because the RV itself is used as the security for a loan.

Outside of loan requirements, your RV needs the same types of coverage a car does when it's on the road. You must also meet Washington state liability coverage minimums of $25,000 bodily injury per person, $50,000 bodily injury per accident and $10,000 property damage liability.

RV drivers should review additional options like uninsured motorists, property damage, property protection, comprehensive coverage, and collision coverage. You also need to consider a policy capable of covering your custom equipment like solar panels or awnings. Roadside assistance is also a valuable add-on when you face the possibility of a large RV being stranded in a national forest.

At Columbia River Insurance, we are ready to help Washington residents in Vancouver, WA and beyond hit the road in style. Call or stop by today to discuss your RV insurance options and receive a free quote.

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