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Washington state is home to approximately 8,000 lakes and over 200 creeks and rivers. This makes the areas in and around Vancouver, WA perfect for boating and a number of recreational water sports. When you get ready to set sail or start your motorboat engine, contact Columbia River Insurance for your boat/watercraft insurance needs. We can help ensure your passengers and your investment in a boat are covered in the event of an accident.

Boat coverage is important

According to the U.S. Coast Guard’s annual boating safety report, 633 people died in boating accidents in 2018 and recreational boating injuries numbered 2,511. There were 4,145 accidents. An accident could cause minor damage to your boat or be a serious, total loss with injuries. In either circumstance, you will be responsible for any costs and all liability out-of-pocket without adequate insurance.

Homeowners insurance is rarely adequate

Many boat owners in Washington and beyond rely on homeowner's insurance to cover other personal property, such as a boat. However, homeowner's policies limit coverage at certain levels based on your boat’s size and horsepower and have a limit on the amount of damage covered. You also need to meet a deductible that may be very high. This leaves you exposed to major costs if you damage a more expensive rig on the water.

If you still owe money on the motorboat, sailboat or watercraft at the time of an accident, you could end up paying for a useless vessel for the long-term. Boating insurance can cover repairs to many parts of the boat, including the hull, sails on a sailboat and machinery like your motor. It can also provide for boat replacement in the event of a total loss. An insurance agent can also discuss ways to up your liability coverage in a variety of ways should you be involved in a boating accident with other people.

Contact Columbia River Insurance in Vancouver, WA today to learn more about your boat and watercraft insurance options and receive a free quote.

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